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Hip Hop International was founded by Howard & Karen Schwartz in 2002 in Los Angeles, USA. The idea began when they saw street dancers captivating crowds in Paris and Tokyo. They saw the potential for the dance to reach an ever-wider audience and the opportunity to contribute to professionalising the dance form.


They developed an Olympic style judging standard in collaboration with dance originators, respected street dancers, dance professionals, and choreographers. This standardised rules and regulation is one of the things that make HHI unique and this system is used today by all HHI affiliate countries worldwide.


HHI Australia began in 2009 and is now the biggest Hip Hop dance competition in Australia. We are committed to strengthen the Australian Hip Hop dance scene by creating an avenue for healthy competition and develop further opportunities to inspire and educate the nation about our sport and art form.



There are 6 divisions:


Junior: Ages seven (7) to twelve (12). 5-9 members.

Varsity: Ages thirteen (13) to seventeen (17). 5-9 members.


Adult: Ages eighteen (18) and older. 5-9 members.


MiniCrew: All ages. 3 members.

JV MegaCrew: Ages seventeen (17) and under. 10-40 members.


MegaCrew: All ages. All ages. 10-40 members.


Note: A crew member whose age falls between two age divisions in the competition year (ending December 31) may compete in either division within that year. Full competition info found on the Official Rules & Regulations. Click HERE for more information on registering your crew.




There are 3 main rounds in the competition:


(1) Regionals

This happens in Sept in WA and between March-April in QLD, NSW, ACT, & VIC. To enter a crew or request for any assistance you may need, message us on the CONTACT Form or email us at


Get your show tickets HERE.


(2) Nationals


The top crews from each of the Regional events will qualify to compete for the national title and rise as Australia’s champion.


Get your show tickets HERE.


(3) Worlds


The top 3 crews per division from the National Championships will then qualify to represent Australia at the World Championships held in August each year in the USA. It's here where the very best in the world compete for the world title.


Over four thousand dancers come together for this celebration, an event true to the real values of Hip Hop culture. Besides the championships, this week-long event includes the World Battles; Breaking, Popping, Locking, Whacking and All Style / Art Forms. There’s also panel discussions featuring respected living legends and icons of Hip Hop dance, the Chill Down Lounge for dancing and socialising, the presentation of the Living Legend of Hip Hop Award, and the Urban Moves Dance Workshops presented by the most celebrated Hip Hop dancers and choreographers.


It is an unforgettable gathering of dancers from around the world equally passionate about Hip Hop culture and dance.


Click HERE for the World Championship website.





HHI Australia is committed to build our Hip Hop dance community from grassroots which is the reason why we also run a Novice Section. 


This section is for newly formed crews who would like an opportunity to perform and try out the HHI competition system. Crews may also join this section if they do not intend or do not have the resources to compete at National or World level.


This will only run at the Regional events. Team composition, age brackets, rules, regulations and format will be exactly the same as the main section. The only difference is that Novice crews do not advance to Nationals.


Find out more about it by downloading the information sheet HERE.



2v2 Open Style Battles happen at the National Championship weekend. Sign ups open between a week before the event until the weekend itself. 


Registration info will be available on our Instagram & Facebook page closer to the event. 


The winning duo will qualify to represent Australia at the World Battles. 

Note: There will be no battles in 2022.

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HHI Australia is hosted by Triple8Funk Entertainment under the direction of Joel Gallarde. Triple8Funk is one of the most established street dance companies in Australasia and have been active since 2001. Other projects that Triple8Funk has been involved with are Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park, The National Rugby League (NRL) Half Time Show, Red Bull BBoy Battle, Jam Republic, GROUNDED: Battle of the Arts, Flash Mob Society, and more.



Stay connected with us on our social media channels. We are found on #HHIaustralia and @HHIaustralia on Facebook and Instagram. You may also check out HHI Australian crews on our Youtube channel

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